General notices

  • Residents are reminded that campers and trailers cannot be parked outside for more than a 2 week continous period. Fines can be applied.

  • Recycling is located at both the Aurora City Garage (by Aurora water tower) and Biwabik City Garage (located on south side of Biwabik). Remember keep garbage receptacles bear proofed.

  • Owners and Residents must get approval from the ARC before clearing of lot; installation of driveway; significant changes to exterior design or color; or construction of living structures, detached garages, or accessory buildings. Biwabik City ordinaces, Voyageurs Retreat HOA Master Declaration, and ARC Guidelines apply.

  • Two canoes with Naterrra Voyageurs Retreat markings are for owner use and are located within our park system.  If you have your own canoe or kayak stored at one of our parks, please lock it up to prevent it from wandering off.

Photo by Kathy Baker

Notice: 2018 annual meeting held annually in May