Greenstone Creek Nature Trails: The Greenstone Nature Trails have three entrances/exits.  One located south of the Greenstone settlement sign, one at the Greenstone creek near the Greenstone parking lot, and the last at the Greenstone settlement sign.  The trails follow a scenic babbling brook flowing through the greenstone settlement.  Interpretive signs are found along a portion of the trail and provide information regarding the geography and flora found in Voyageurs Retreat. 0.6 and 0.8 miles, moderately difficult

Ridgeline Trail System: The Ridgeline Trail system provides the easist terrain of the hiking tail system.  This trail moves through the Ridgeline and Sunset Settlements. A scenic unmarked outlook point with benches provides an ideal spot to view sunsets across the lake.  1.25 miles, easy

Wetland Trail: The Wetland Trail provides access to the Wildlife Viewing Blind located off of Voyageurs Trail.  The blind provides viewing of an active beaver lodge and a possible glimpse of moose.  75 feet, easy.  Rustic non-maintained trails branch from this location.

Northwoods Trail: The Northwoods Trail winds through birch, pine, and aspen trees. This is a private peaceful hiking trail that ends at the 12th Pose Interpretive Park featuring the historic landmark Height of the Land Portage. 1.35 miles, portion is flat, moderately difficult

Ravine Hiking Trail: The Ravine Hiking trail connects the Greenstone and Ridgeline Trail system. The trail follows a small stream as it wanders through the Red Pine Settlement.  0.5 miles, moderately difficult

Hiking Trails                                       

Plateau Trail: The Plateau Trail provides the most challenging hike of all the trails at Voyageurs Retreat.  Carved into the Plateau Settlement hillside, Plateau loop features scenic overlooks, picnic areas, and unique stone steps leading down to South Basin Park and the neighboring state land which has further trails. 1.1 miles, most difficult.