Voyageurs Retreat is a high end lakeshore development located within Biwabik, MN.  First sales in the development occurred with Phase 1 in 2005.  All phases of the development have been completed and full operational management was transferred from the Master Developer to individual owners in 2015.

The land, lakes, and water ways surrounding Voyageurs Retreat have been used as passageways for original peoples, French Voyageur Fur trappers traveling up the Embarass river on their way to Lake Vermillion and then onto Rainy Lake,  then by gold prospectors traveling to Lake Vermillion in 1865, and later followed by the first iron miners who started traveling to the Soudan mine in 1869.

Village of Biwabik was established in 1892 after iron ore was found at Biwabik Mine in 1891. Biwabik's name is derived from the Ojibwe word for iron: Biwabiko-nabik-wan. Iron ore mining has shaped the region ever since.  South of Wynne Lake, the Embarass Pit was a principal mine for iron for WWII. It is now a 500+ deep resorvoir famous for its cryistal clear waters, diving, and swimming.

Photo by Michael Ekern
Professional Photographer